3 Ways B2B Businesses Can Increase Brand Awareness

Aug 16, 2021

The last 15 to 18 months have been tough on most sectors. The uncharted landscape and the unpredictable scenarios have rendered many an industry limping from revenue loss and lack of exposure. The going has been especially tough for the engineering and manufacturing sector. For a sector that depends largely on exhibits and expos, outbound marketing, and personal networking for sales, the constant lockdowns have been a major hindrance.

Challenges also come with space for opportunities, though. These unprecedented times have created new opportunities for companies to push their branding and marketing envelope, and do something different.


The engineering and manufacturing sector is a tough one to navigate. The prospects are limited; often loyal to their vendors, and unlike B2C customers, deeply knowledgeable about the products they buy. This presents a unique challenge for companies to put their expertise out in the form of constructive content. Blogs, whitepapers, eBooks, case studies, etc. help in establishing your company’s domain expertise, thus building trust in the potential customer’s mind about you. Creating and distributing valuable content increases website traffic, bringing the spotlight to your brand.


Video has become an essential part of any B2B company’s marketing campaign. Videos are also multichannel-compatible. They can boost your YouTube channel, be used on social media platforms, used as Whatsapp forwards, as well as become great lead magnets. The versatility of how videos can be used and how wife they can be distributed give them a distinctive edge. The engineering and manufacturing sector also has the scope to cover a variety of video types such as product introduction, product demo videos, explainers, whiteboards, etc.


Over 50% of the web search traffic now comes from mobile. And if you think people were reluctant to check Google’s Page no. 2 on desktop, you would be shocked to know that on mobile, people tend to visit the top search result a whopping 33% of the time. It doesn’t need to be said that SEO is critical to brand awareness in modern times. Relevant content, industry news, etc. are proven techniques to trigger engagement on social media pages. Engaging in relevant groups, replying to customer comments, answering direct messages, etc. are a great way to establish yourself as a brand that cares about the customer.

While paid advertising can generate leads, it comes at a cost. It is a more elaborate and focused task. Brand awareness is a simple and cost-effective tactic that can be done on a continuous basis and help not just in lead generation, but customer retention too.