5 Essential Elements Of Brand Building & Brand Management

Nov 29, 2021

Every successful brand has a story to tell, backed by the impact they create in the mind of the consumers. The pre-requisite to becoming a successful brand is to have a well-defined principle and to be relevant to the market needs and consumer expectations.

Branding never stops at creating a catchy logo, tagline or name, in fact, it is just the starting. Branding has its own elements and principles, and acing them is equally important. Also, merely defining them is never enough, one should build and follow the discipline of consistency throughout their behavior, action, and communication. Incorporating the brand identity, both externally and internally, into each aspect of the organization, is pivotal to create a successful and impactful brand strategy.

The five key elements behind building a successful branding campaign are listed below:

Brand Identity

Brand traits determine what image is drawn in the mind of the target audience or how they relate to the brand. Brand image or identity is what the brand will be known for and the values it will deliver to the people. Every business should carefully work on identifying a handful of personality traits that the prospects, partners, employees, and clients to leverage whenever they describe or talk about the organization. On average, each brand should proudly flaunt at least a minimum of four to seven such traits which define what expectations to be kept from the brand.

Brand story

Based on the history of the organization, brands can define their story. Every brand is carved out of some great minds coming up with unique ideas that they believe in, and this is what the brand actually stands for. A brand story adds credibility, shapes the face of the brand, and creates the required value to the brand. It’s simple, the way every entrepreneur conceives and believes in the idea, even the audience too. So, tell them your story and let them relive the vision behind building the brand!

Brand Promise

There are some core values that every brand stands for, and the single most important thing promised by organizations is delivering a constant brand value and proposition. In order to decide on what promises the brand will stand for, in-depth self-analysis is a must. Only after critically comprehending the brand’s realistic capabilities, one needs to consider what the customers, employees, and partners expect from each penny invested and every transaction made. Every business initiative should be backed by and weighed against the promise of quality and value creation.

Brand Associations & Displays

Specific physical artefacts and displays are defined as brand associations. These include logo, brand name, colours, website, fonts, image tagline and beyond. Each bit of brand association that goes out to the market should consistently yell out the brand promise, brand traits, and brand vision. These small factors are the ones that ultimately drive brand recognition, relatability, and success. 

Brand Position

Brand positioning is that crucial needle that stitches together all the pieces of successful branding. This bit elaborately describes what the organization does, what they focus on. whom they cater to, and what unique values they display that differentiates them from the competitors. Based on all these factors, once the brand positioning is concrete, the branding strategies can be successfully aced to optimum profitability.

Once these elements are in their best possible forms, a brand can confirm justifying their brand statement and success. These are the preliminary ideologies only based on which a brand can associate with their customers, employees and partners.